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       Musa is a full-featured Media Jukebox. It's inspired, like many others, on Apple's iTunes. The thing that inspired me the most when I started this project was the fact that I used two OS's, listened to mp3's on both and, although there are good Jukeboxes on both platforms, I had difficulty sharing some important pieces of information between them. That happened mostly because most programs out there really too much on their Database and don't care to record the information on the track itself. Musa will avoid that and try to keep as much information as possible on the track itself. So far, there's been two releases: The XMMS Play Counter Plugin and MusaTagger.

DMML XMMS Play Counter Plugin

       This plugin's sole purpose is to integrate playcounting into XMMS. After a configurable amount of time a particular song has been played it increments the PCNT id3 tag on the file. You can supply a username (advisably an e-mail) so that it increments also a field that accounts the number of times a particular user has played this song. It also trys to update Musa's Database, if it's present. Although this is the first actual release, I've been using it for quite a while and it seems pretty stable.

[Download Release 0.3]


       MusaTagger is full-featured mp3 Tagger, using the full-extent of id3v2, through id3lib. It gives the user full freedom to change most of id3v2's frames. It is capable of Tagging Multiple Files (I've tested as much as 260 simultaneously open files with no problems whatsoever). It can also rename the files using the tag's info. It will incorporate the "guessing" of tags from filenames in the near future. Although some features are missing, what's implemented is fully-functional.

**** IMPORTANT -> I Haven't Put Up a Configuration Scheme, so You Have To Change The Owner and The Default PAttern At Compile-Time for MusaTagger. Just Open and change the #define in the first line.

#define __DEF_OWNER__ “”

#define __DEF_PATTERN__ “/Songs/%A/%D/%A - %T.mp3”

using you e-mail instead of You should use the same owner name as for XMMS's plugin.

[Download Release 0.1] [Screenshots]



  1. zlib

  2. id3lib (

  3. sqlite  (

  4. xmms-devel (  -  Very easy to find RPM's, just pay attention to the -devel

  5. The Tagger also requires GTK+ 2.0


% tar zxvf MusaTagger-0.1.tar.gz


% cd Tagger
% configure
% make
% su
% make install

Known Bugs

Copyright and License

This program has been written by Rafael Dantas de Castro in 2003.
It is protected by the GNU Public License, which you should have received a copy of along with this package.


Please contact me for questions, patches, bug reports, ideas or if you want to be a developer for this projects.

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